App Review: ETX Capital TraderPro

During the last ten years, smartphones have taken control over a lot of things. From small messaging apps to big marketing apps, applications for almost every activity have been released. People prefer to do things on their phone instead of getting out of their homes. Similar is the case with trading as a number of trading applications have been developed which have opened a whole new dimension of online trading to businessmen and market merchants.

The use of trading apps to manage accounts and trade has become very popular. Recently, a trading app has been launched which allows users to trade CFDs (Contracts for Differences) with the ETX Capital.

TraderPro, as the name suggests, is a trading app which provides an altogether new platform for traders all across the globe to initiate trade with one of the biggest trading companies in the world; the ETX Capital.

The app is very beneficial and flexible for those users who are already involved in trade with the ETX Capital. The application provides different tools to manage trade on the go while using different user-friendly trading techniques. The app comes with a number of features which will help users to continue their trade or even start a new one. If you are deciding to start CFD trading with the ETX Capital, you might consider using the TraderPro as it is the best application out there with all the tools and features in one place.

All Features Under One Roof

From a smooth and fluent design to the availability of real time pricing information, this app has everything inside it. The app is even integrated with a watch list which helps users to keep a check on the markets they are interested in rather than searching for it all over the app. Options to add and withdraw funds have been separately added in a side bar to make it easy for users to locate them. Other than that, another useful thing that has been implemented in the application is the use of graphing features for analysis of the market. With the availability of account management and displaying trades, the app provides every little thing a trading app should have.

Security Management

A spectacular feature that I came across while using the app is that it will always sign-out as soon as you leave the app. While most of the users might raise eyebrows as to why this feature is so ‘majestic’, the prominence of it lies in the fact that this feature ensures the security of all of your personal information. After all, we are talking about business and trade here so a little extra security is a must.

Flexibility of the App

While most of the trading apps might seem completely blank and incomprehensible to new users, this app is not the same. With a very simple design and the availability of easy navigation, the app has a completely smooth and user friendly interface which provides every important thing directly in front of the user. The app is filled with data and tools to help all kinds of users (beginners to advanced).

TraderPro is a simple and efficient application to manage trade and while deciding which trading app you should use, I will always recommend ETX Capital’s Android App; TraderPro as it has everything in one place. Take a look by downloading the app, here.

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