Top Word Games Apps 2018

As someone who writes for a living, I sometimes have my fair share of fun playing with words.

As a result, I get to dabble with a few word games apps every now and then. What follows is a list of top word game apps for 2018 – be warned: this is a subjective list.

Dive right in:


Bonza word game

  • Bonza takes the cake for one of the most beautiful designs I’ve seen in a long while. If only all games – or even all apps – are designed with the same aesthetic, the world will be a better place. The app has a nice color scheme. Subconsciously, that adds harmony to the gameplay.
  • Gameplay is simple. It’s like a crossword but an easier one with the letters already in place as random clusters. Also, the words are thematic so it’s easier for you to guess them.
  • You can create your own puzzles too. The app has a smart behind-the-scenes code that will take a bunch of words from you and create a puzzle layout. You can tweak randomize the layout till you’re happy with the end result and then the puzzle is out there for others to play. (You can share the puzzle code with your friends to see if they solve)

Get Bonza here.

A Word Game

A Word Game

  • “A Word Game” is a swipe-in-sequence word game app. This makes it easier to guess the words because at times, some of the letters are in a sequence. All it takes is to find a cluster and you’ll be able to guess the word instantly.
  • Sometimes, it gets tricky. This is when the puzzle has two independent words in it. You might not know that and you’d be trying to find a single-word solution.
  • Like Bonza, this is thematic too so you’ll mostly know what you’re looking for.

Get A Word Game here.


Letterpress word game

  • Not quite 2018 (this game was released a long time ago) but it is still one of the most popular word game apps in 2018. I’ve been a fan of Letterpress ever since it was launched for iPhone and was more than happy when they ported it to Android.
  • Gameplay is simple but interesting: you play opponents (online players or bots) and try to outsmart them by forming big words from the letter pool. The more blue you see, the more you are winning. You win by locking more letters and getting more points than your opponent.
  • There is almost nothing else to do here. No hints, no clues, no settings to tinker with – just fire up, start a new game and play away.

Get Letterpress here.

Fill The Words

Fill The Words word game app

  • This one looks like a chemistry app about to teach you reactions and entropy but is actually a fun word game app.
  • This one is very similar to “A Word” in the “swipe-in-sequence” theme. But other than that, this app comes with its own tweak in the game: you will find more than one word in the box.
  • Sometimes, a word you find in the box may not be part of the solution. You will have to find another in that case. It was fun finding this feature out.
  •  Lots of levels to play.

Get Fill The Words here.

Cursed Words

Cursed Words

  • This one is basically Scrabble-meets-Road to El Dorado. You play Scrabble with your opponent but the goal is to reach the end of the playing field (that is, the door to the gold) before your opponent.
  • Things like blockades, removing letters from the opponent make it interesting and add a bit of strategy into it. It’s slightly more than just a word game.
  • Like Letterpress, you can have multiple games running simultaneously.

Get Cursed Words here.


PicWords fun word game with picture connections

  • PicsWord is a bit of an oddity. I wanted to slip this in because it’s an easy, pleasant game. If you’re too bored or too tired playing other intense word games, this will be a welcome distraction.
  • You will be shown two pictures, and you find the word connection. Like a desert and a sorcerer with a broom – that’s “sandwich”. It’s fun in a child-like way.

Get PicsWord here.



  • Initially, I had planned to stop with PicsWord for this list but Wordpack warrants a mention for its clean UI.
  • Gameplay is similar to Bonza. It’s a crossword-like game. However, Bonza is smart – there are no stray letters in the tiles. In Wordpack, there are some stray letter tiles. That can throw you off a bit (so, does that make Wordpack harder to play?)

Get Wordpack here.


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I try to discover interesting apps, play around with them, and then write about the ones that I liked.

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