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Best UFC/MMA News Apps For The Latest Scoop on UFC

The rawness of an MMA is matched — I think — only by the rawness of natural predators the likes of which we see on Discovery or NatGeo.

For fans of MMA, this UFC season has been a biggie. Think about this: UFC 200, about to start this week (July 9) is a “fully loaded”, “marquee” affair. There are 35 fights happening over the course of 3 days and most of them are big names, big challenges and big stakes.

Obviously, if you’re a die-hard fan of MMA and the UFC, you already know where to find the latest scoop about it all. But if you’re still looking for that glorious list of apps that will keep you updated about the latest fight nights, scores, upcoming matches (and even live videos of bloody cage fights), here’s the list.



This probably doesn’t need any introduction. UFC is the official app. All live events streamed into your app are pay-per-view. You can catch up on replays and press conferences. And of course, you can keep track of all your favorite players.

(Note: Don’t forget to check up on Blackout Restrictions).

Download UFC

MMA News


This is probably the best app to get the latest news of every MMA fight that’s about to happen or that’s happened. And not just fights, MMA News is also a source for all things related to MMA.

The downside is that it’s an ad-supported app (you have to pay to remove the ads). If ads are only a small annoyance that you can live with, MMA News is pretty good.

Unlike a few apps I’ve seen in this segment, MMA News is not inundated with too many distracting things. The Material design helps, I guess.

MMA News comes pre-filled with a bunch of sources but you can add your own RSS feeds and news sites to it. There’s auto-sync / refresh along with push notifications to let you know whenever there’s a new article among your feed.

Download MMA News

UFC Fans (Powered by MetroPCS)


Think of UFC Fans as a pre-match and post-match app to catch up on all things about UFC fights. The Fight Rhythm (live stats) helps you be on top of what’s happening in a game with a quick glance. Incidentally, you can also play a fantasy game right from within this app.

There are some cool features besides news and stats. Like for instance, if you are at the event, you can hear what’s being said at the corners (both red and blue). I’ve heard people say that the Geo-tag feature often gives the boot on some devices but give it a try nevertheless. It’s free after all.

You might want to tone down the notifications that come from this app though. Can get a little annoying after a while (especially if you’re not a big MMA freak).

Download UFC Fans

MMA Underground


If you’re an MMA-fan reading this, you’re probably cursing out loud at me for including what’s an outdated app.

Sure MMA Underground does look severely outdated. The app’s interface is from the early 2000s, the last update/facelift it received was in 2013 and it’s a truckload of messy features.

But if there’s one thing MMA Underground is good at, it’s data. News, rumors, hot matches, trends… MMA Underground sources every little piece of information. If you don’t want to be opening Chrome and heading to, you can get all the info on that site via MMA Underground. By the way, MMA Underground is an official app from the same website.

Download The Underground

Only MMA


Only MMA describes itself as the “first MMA aggregator automatic content” and while that may or may not be true, it’s definitely one of the nicest.

It’s a news and schedule app that tells you everything that’s going on in the world of MMAs (and UFC specifically). You also have a handy tab called Events that shows you all the matches scheduled in a particular MMA event.

Pretty decent, if you ask me. Fortunately, I haven’t seen the interface get tarnished with ads or such.

Download Only MMA



One of the best things about this outdated app is the calendar. It gives you a real quick bird’s-eye view of all the fights scheduled for the upcoming months.

The news features are good too (if you discount the fact that the interface is oh-so-old). Obviously there’s nothing much about this app other than a couple of features but hey, sometimes, minimal is pretty good.

Download MMA BUZZ

MMA Fighting Live


For some reason, I decided to try this one. Unlike MMA News, you can’t add sources / feeds into this app but it comes with a prepacked/curated list of sites. Pretty decent if you ask me.

MMA Fighting Live hasn’t been updated in over a year but the app has a cleaner look and feel than most others. I say this because sometimes, you just want to read what’s happened rather than see loads of pictures and out-of-the-blue videos.

Because the sources are so picked, you get all the scoop on MMA news too (not just all the cage fights).

Download MMA Fighting Live

Other Non-app Sources

Despite this being an Android app list, I just thought I’d add a couple of popular sources that you might want to be at when it comes to MMA and UFC.

  1. The MMA subreddit on Reddit
  2. — and they have an app too

There used to be an MMA Summit app. I can’t find that now (although I did find *.apk of it but our policies won’t allow us to link it).


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