Android Apps News: While you were out – March 14-20

Android Apps News: While you were out – March 14-20

It’s another week come and gone in the official start of spring for those in the Northern Hemisphere. Here’s what happened in Android Apps News while you were away:

Update on the Stagefright Security Flaw

Stagefright may not be a term most of us know about but we know it’s bad for some reason. While those running Android Marshmallow 6.0 have nothing to worry about, the majority of owners are still going to have to combat infected multimedia messages and audio files, as well as embedded videos in various websites as many are still running Android Lollipop and KitKat. More on the update can be found on here on…

Stagefright might be farther reaching than we thought

According to ArsTechnica up to 300 million mobile phones running Android are still susceptible to the exploit. It affects devices installed with Android version 2.2 all the way up to 5.1. What does that mean for you? If you happen to have an older model phone it may just be the excuse you need for that upgrade! ArsTechnica has more on the story…



Speaking of Spyware and Malicious Code…

While we trust our developers to be transparent about their intent when we download and install an app, we still have that additional layer of security provided by Google who hosts these developers’ apps. In an odd turn of events, a software module known as “Silverpush” has been found to be able to listen for certain frequencies within an environment even while the phone is not being used. Some developers’ apps are capable of collecting information via background noise about consumers without their knowledge according to the Federal Trade Commission. Click here for more on the story by DigitalTrends…


Why all the hubbub about Silverpush? Here’s why:

“Advertisers want to know when a person has seen an ad, to avoid showing that ad again or to associate a purchase with exposure that occurred on a different device.”

Visit Information week for more answers to your privacy concerns…



Android N and the App Settings Button

While the newest iteration of Android, mysteriously titled “N” is still in the developer preview stage, we get to discuss some of the best features being integrated into the software before it drops. Something many of us struggle with–getting into each individual apps’ settings screen–used to be regulated to the three dots or the “action overflow” button shortly after phone manufacturers started nixing their menu softkeys. This is about to change. Head over to to find out more…

But I’m not even on Marshmallow!

Yeah we understand. There is a lot of talk about devices that still haven’t made the upgrade to Android 6.0. Most of us have to wait on our OEM for that. After our OEM approves the update it’s then up to our providers to come forward and deliver it to us–bloatware and all. If you’ve been waiting for the latest and greatest to arrive here’s a list of devices set to recieve the update by Neurogadget…

Less blurry Facebook photo uploads

Photographers looking to capitalize on social media face some tough hurdles with the ability to upload high quality captures to their Facebook accounts. Even if you don’t happen to be a professional photographer, weekend warrior shutterbugs still get to benefit from better selfies–this could be a bad thing depending on how you see it. Lifehacker has more…

Now you can tell iOS users your WhatsApp is even better!

Sending a text message is pretty straightforward. Most of the emotions can be handled by emojis or emoticons. But what if you want to emphasis something without SHOUTING IN CAPS? Text formatting is now avaliable for beta builds of the WhatsApp for android. It even has a neat file sharing feature, read more on…

Android App News March 21-27


Disney Lovers

Gameloft launches a new game titled, “Disney Magic Kingdom” for both iOS and Android users. This Disney Themed creator game is covered more on International Business Times…

Samsung’s new Music App

For users of their Galaxy line of products running Marshmallow, Samsung has unveiled an entirely newly designed Music App, Phandroid has the details…

And That’s the week in Android

You’re Welcome!

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