19 Oct 2015

Monster Phone Reviews: Pocket or Padfolio?

Monster Phone Reviews As we start to migrate from our living room television sets to our on-the-go mobile life (HBOGO, Netflix, Hulu+, etc) we often hear the same frustration, “My screen is so small”. Spying those same people on the daily commute—holding tiny phones with 3.5” screens a foot away from

15 Aug 2015

Cityglance: An App That Finally Makes Your Daily Commute A Social Activity

We have a ton of social apps where you can make new friends based on many different parameters – movies liked, books read, places you’ve been to, things you’ve done (or are doing) etc. But here’s an app that makes everyday commute a place to make new friendships. Cityglance, an

17 Jul 2015

How to Set up Alerts for Almost Everything With the Hooks App

A new app wants to simplify your life by notifying you about (almost) anything that you can think of / care about – from TV shows and movies to stock changes to events nearby to “website down” alerts. The list of things that you can set auto-notifications for is HUGE.