Android Apps News: While you were out – Mar. 28-Apr.3

Android Apps News: While you were out – Mar. 28-Apr. 3

It’s been a whole seven days since you last checked in! Here’s what happened in Android Apps News while you were away:

Windows 10 Update does a whole lot to it’s notifications taking a leaf from Android


So some of us went ahead and took the plunge to Windows 10. Personally I have little bad to say about the OS. Things run pretty well, and the only problem I seem to have is Windows Explorer crashes and has to restart when I right click with a lot of data on the clipboard. Aside that, Microsoft gave a shout out to some of its new features that were coming to the Action Center in Windows 10. It gives you the ability to see your notifications on the screen from your Android Device. In addition you’ll also be able to dismiss them universally and see the notifications vanish on your mobile device. When this update hits… head over to for a sneak peak video…


Verizon’s Unlimited is slowly but surely coming to an end


It wasn’t enough to make us buy our phones outright to keep our unlimited plans was it? Take a quick look at this crazy video below then see what Chris Chavez has to say about the newest price hikes by Verizon…

Kanye West is a LIAR!


Well…sort of… If you haven’t been hip to the hop lately, Kanye West went and gave the world a gift. He stated in no uncertain terms, “My album will never never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale… You can only get it on Tidal.” There’s two parts to this. One, it will never be on Apple. Two, it would only be on Tidal. We take away that it wouldn’t be on anyplace else either. That means Google, Spotify, or any other streaming services. So… eh… that kind of makes him a liar. Head over to Phandroid for more!

From the Ashes of Fools… Capcom Mobile


Stories that came and went on the first of April weren’t given much of a second glance, as no one believes much on that day anyway–can you blame them? April Fool’s day aside something big did develop and as consequence was probably lost to the masses on Friday. It needs to be repeated. Capcom, publisher of staples such as, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Street Fighter has a new deal in the works with it’s recent consolidation of its gaming departments Capcom, and Beeline Interactive into one player–Capcom Mobile. Co. Android Authority has more…

Android Apps News

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Fruits and Robots…how Apple Vs. Samsung Affects You


The big bad showdown between the two giants in the mobile world, Apple, and Samsung has everyone wondering what’s the point, why does it matter, and what the heck is happening?! Click down below if you have some time for a quick backstory to the legal battle then head over to AndroidPit for the developing story…

This was one week ago

This video was  7 months  ago, so recent developments are not covered.

Blackberry’s seen better days


Blackberry, the master of the swandive has repeatedly attempted to give us one last hurrah! Despite integrating their services with the Android OS in their last mobile device–the Blackberry Priv–their numbers aren’t looking so good. On Friday spokespersons for Blackberry stated that they sold 600,000 units, falling far below their initial goals and the expectations of Wall Street. CNet has more on the story…

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Google wallet cards going bye-bye


If you happened to like Google Wallet three years ago because you could use your physical card when you didn’t have your phone then things are about to get ugly. Google is officially ending their support for the little plastic card stating various reasons, more can be found here…

Android Apps News

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A nod of the Head a Click of the teeth


Our first impression with the new Samsung Gear VR was it was too difficult to choose from the menu using the tiny buttons on the side of the headset. Forget about trying to use it for games that involve more than moving your head and pressing one button. Enter Samsung with an unofficial idea that they want to patent that makes choosing menus and clicking items a whole lot easier than using the headset buttons. Android Headlines has more…

Wireless is falling


Was there ever a doubt that eventually the wireless sector would level off and fail to build upon the previous years profits? There’s only so many customers in the nation and most of them might not want to pay for a new phone every two years. Now we have MoffettNathnason downgrading their stocks from buy to neutral and from neutral to sell. Find out more from Alexander Maxham…


Birds on the Big Screen


If we’ve been to the local theater any time in the last few months at one point or another we’ve seen the trailer for Angry Birds the movie. In order to build awareness Rovio’s been linking a new game in development with the 3D aspect of the movie using a sort of miniature golf gameplay  mechanic that isn’t quite completely 3D. If that was hard to understand stop by over here at for the full breakdown…

Wooden Watches


Well it was only a matter of time before someone introduced a watch strap that has real wood as the band material. Ottm and a new IndieGoGo campaign hope to be among the first. If you’ve wondered what eco-friendly might look like–and what it might cost–head over here and let Tom Dawson share with you the full story…


Malware McDouble


The McDouble is typically something that we like to envision, this McDouble stands for something else entirely. Like the McDonald’s variety the part that matters–the meat–increased by 100%. Only in this case, the part that matters is malware. Up from 2014, Android malware seems to have proliferated faster than ever. This according to Trend Micro, one of the largest security software firms in the world. Read more on Android…


And That’s the week in Android

You’re Welcome!

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