21 Mar 2016

Android Apps News: While you were out – March 14-20

Android Apps News: While you were out – March 14-20 It’s another week come and gone in the official start of spring for those in the Northern Hemisphere. Here’s what happened in Android Apps News while you were away: Update on the Stagefright Security Flaw Stagefright may not be a

09 Jan 2016

Trends 2016: The Mobile Tipping Point

This chart, create by Globalwebindex, shows how many hours we spend online on a mobile devices during a typical day. “Currently, 16-24s are already spending an average of over 3.25 hours per day online on a mobile, representing an increase from just under 2 hours back in 2012. Look instead at the

27 Oct 2015

New & Updated Apps and Games – 43/2015

Starting this week, I’ll review the new and/or updated additions to the Google Play store in terms of apps and games. We want to keep you up to date with what new and cool stuff you should look out for. If you have run across other apps that are not featured here,

19 Oct 2015

Khan Academy Is Now Available On Android

Since it’s launch in 2006, non-profit educational organisation Khan Academy has been working towards providing education to everyone with Internet access. Now, after years of anticipation, Khan Academy has released an Android App that allows users to learn on the go, whether you’re in the office or sat on your

15 Oct 2015

Android Versus iOS By Region – #infographic

Android operating system is now ahead of iOS in all regions, reveals a new study from GlobalWebIndex. “On mobile, its lead peaks in APAC (60%) and LatAm (65%) where it has 5x as many users as iOS. Only in North America, Apple’s home market, do we see this gap shrink. The

03 Sep 2015

7 in 10 WhatsAppers using Android

“GlobalWebIndex segmented WhatsApp users by operating system in the infographic below, finding that 73 percent of the app’s users connect via Android devices, compared with just 22 percent via iOS on iPhones.” Hat tip: adweek

09 Jun 2015

Android Weekly Recap – Facebook Lite, S6 Active and more

We’re still finding interesting things in Android M (thanks to all the developers who’ve been playing with it). From a super-smart context-aware search feature across all apps to some new experiments in dark/light modes, Google’s Android M is turning out to be a major step in making smartphones much smarter

android weekly
09 Jun 2015

Android Weekly Recap – Android M, Project Ara and More

Project Ara: Almost Ready for Launch At Google I/O, folks finally put together a true Project Ara phone and turned it on. The project is all about true smartphone customization where you can cherry pick the hardware components (system memory, battery, camera, processor etc.) and assemble your smartphone yourself. Project

android weekly may
28 May 2015

Android Weekly Recap – Beware of Factory Resets!

Did you know that a factory reset – something we’ve all come to believe is a full wipe/format for our Android phones – does not remove all data? In last week’s news, we found out this and other interesting things. From the possibility of fingerprint tech in Android M to