The 18 Weirdest Android Apps

There are hundreds of practical, valuable and brilliant apps available on Google Play, ranging from efficient personal assistant apps to addictive and enjoyable games. However, not ever obtainable app is useful and functional, in fact some of them are just plain weird.


Known as the ‘Tinder For Cuddling’, Spoonr – which recently changed its name from Cuddlr – uses your location to find individuals in your area who would like to cuddle. Once Spoonr is relaunched and released in the Google Play Store, you’ll be able to meet up with strangers and ‘cuddle’ whenever the mood suits you.

Demotivational Pics

Ever feel like there’s simply too much happiness in your life? Well, Demotivational Pics offers a ‘huge handpicked collection’ of demotivational images to ensure your frown stays upside down throughout the entire day.

Carrr Matey

If you often forget where your car is parked, why not let Carr Matey remember for you? This app is actually really helpful as it ‘guides you back [to your vehicle] using a compass or walking directions’. The weird feature is that the app is based entirely upon a pirate theme and speaks to you in pirate lingo.

Places I’ve Pooped

If you’re weird and like to track all of the places you’ve pooped in then you need Places I’ve Pooped. Simply add a location using the “Bomb’s Away!” button after you’ve pooped.


Yup, more poop-related apps, although this one’s name is quite entertaining. The developer of Poop Log claims that he created this app after suffering from bowel problems and wanting to encourage others to evaluate their poop. Poop Log lets you record your bowel movements and their size, type and the time is takes. What’s even weirder is you can pin notes and pictures, and there’s Facebook and Twitter integration in case you like to over share.

Run Pee

I’m genuinely tempted to download this app as it’s as weird as it is useful. How often do you need to pee whilst you’re in the cinema, and then at the exact moment you leave the most intricate plot details are revealed and you return to find you have no idea what’s going on? Well, Run Pee will tell you at precisely which point in the movie is the critical moment to go pee, so you never miss an important scene again.

Pimple Popper

I’ve never understood the allure of popping pimples, but if you’re into it Pimple Popper will satisfy all of your pimple popping needs. As the developers say: keep it simple and pop a pimple!


According to the app’s developers, Yo is ‘a system to convey meaning through a shared context that is established between the sender and recipient by an existing relationship’. In layman’s terms, that means you use this app to send the word ‘yo’ to people.

Paper Racing

Yet more bathroom antics have been improved by the addition of apps, and this case: competition. Using Paper Racing you can race against your friends to see who runs out of toilet paper first.

Fake Call

Although Fake Call may be handy for getting out of awkward situations, the amount of planning that goes into your plot is a little weird. Not only can you initiate fake calls and receive fake texts, you can also prerecord a conversation with yourself so it sounds like you’re actually on the phone.

Pointless Button

Pointless Button is literally a pointless button. That said, the more you tap the pointless button the more things you unlock, like pictures of cats. The real pull of this app is the ultimate question: what happens if you just keep pressing the button?

Kitchen Scale

Placing large quantities of food and messy ingredients on your phone screen may seem like a dumb idea, and it is. Kitchen Scale is particularly weird as it doesn’t actually weigh any of the ingredients you use, rather it makes a ‘guesstimation’ of the weight based on specific ingredients.

iBeer Free

Children, alcoholics and the easily amused are bound to enjoy this app, despite the fact iBeer Free simply turns your phone screen into a pint of beer. Once it’s gone, you’ll hear a burp. It’s really classy.

I Am Rich

Long ago, I Am Rich was an app available on the App Store, which would set you back $1000. The eight people who actually purchased this app were able to access a screen that showed a red gem, which they could in turn show to people as evidence that they had too much money. Now, I Am Rich has returned to Google Play, but now it’s free.

Lick The Icicle

Although you can simply touch your Smartphone’s screen to melt the icicle featured in this app, Lick The Icicle encourages users to actually lick their phone.


Using two NFC-enabled Smartphones, you and your accomplice can chose a character each – one of whom is Homer Simpson – and tap your phones together to make them get busy. That’s literally all there is to TapThat.

Crack My Screen

Do you want to make your Smartphone appear as though it’s horrifically damaged but can’t be bothered to actually smash your phone up? Boom! Crack My Screen to the rescue.

Nose Candy

Otherwise known as the Charlie Sheen App, Nose Candy allows you to cut up on-screen cocaine so you can pretend to sniff it. There are five levels of difficulty and the phone vibrates once you reach optimum intoxication levels.

Ghost Radar Ultimate

Like the many other ghost radars available on Google Play, Ghost Radar Ultimate claims to be able to sense paranormal activity that’s occurring nearby.

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  2. Guy
    March 17, 2016 at 6:46 am — Reply

    Places I’ve pooped sounds useful except that my wife and I would rename it Places We’ve Had Sex.
    We currently mark locations on Google Earth but the rule is that we only mark any location once. Oh and it must be “real” sex.

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